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Get a piece or two ready for our next Performance Class October 17th!

New referral program!

Find the sweet spot and never feel bored or frustrated with your practice again!


Join us for our next Performance Class Saturday October 17th from noon to one, free to all current SFGA students. This is a low-pressure, friendly group setting where students share some music they have prepared over their lessons. It is very rare that anybody will perform as well in public as they play at home at first. This gathering offers a friendly, safe environment to experiment with ways to improve your performing skills.


We have some new lesson times available in the evenings and weekends. You have the best perspective when you tell your friends about the Santa Fe Guitar Academy. I appreciate referrals very much, and when somebody you recommended signs up, you will get a $40.00 discount the following month. Please take some brochures with you at your next lesson and help your friends find guitar lessons they love.


We've been talking about the Three Stages of Mastering Movements, and I'd like to remind everybody to look at this idea as a more fluid process than it seems. Here is a great link to a blog on this: and here is a little overview of some details about each stage:


Cognitive Stage:

Feels like overthinking and micromanaging

Very slow tempo

Detailed accuracy is not important

No pulse – stop and go as needed

Focus on the most basic information – notes, fingers, etc

Steps feel isolated and rigid

Observe physical limitations

Use vizualization techniques


Associative Stage:

Feels familiar

Comfortable pace

Gradually improve the accuaracy

Stablish a clear pulse, with some flexibility

Gradually add details – guide fingers, pivots, etc.

Start to tie the individual steps into more fluid gestures

Develop specific exercises as needed, to improve physical limitations

Look for patterns – analyse the music


Automatic Stage:

Feels automatic – muscle memory, or auto pilot, takes over

Gradually push speed forward

Enjoyable easy accuracy

Crisp pulse

Observe the details and add more

Focus of larger gestures

Create a reserve of technique

Experiment with interpretation


Remember, time flies when you practice with the right stage in mind!

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