Santa Fe Guitar Academy


Roberto is the best teacher I've ever encountered - not just the best music teacher: the best teacher, period. He taught me how to learn. Roberto met me where I was and moved me forward in was I didn't think were possible. Along the way he's kept it fun and interesting. He is a master.

Roberto Capocchi has an ineffable level of understanding of the individual that he brings to each student and every lesson. Regardless of musical background and your level of past experience, Capocchi can help form you into the musician you want to become. A guitar and my will to learn were the only tools I brought to the table. He did the rest.

Roberto is not your typical guitar teacher. Although an amazing player in his own right, he was able to understand my skill level, and tailor each lesson to what I needed. He asked me what I wanted to learn, and then help me achieve it. I found only frustration in guitar lessons until I found him. Highly recommend!

I began working with Mr. Capocchi in a very early stage of my musical journey. Working with Roberto I acquired new ideas of what it means to be a musician and a successful one. As well as an appreciation for classical music. Roberto is a fantastic teacher and was always able to find a solution to any problem I approached him with in relation to my lessons.

My time studying with Roberto Capocchi was well spent. Not only did I spend my time learning a fun instrument, but I spent it with the best teacher around. By studying with him, I acquired a good foundation on the instrument, and good problem solving skills that have helped me develop as a musician. Roberto's unique approach to technique and interpretation keeps you engaged and motivated to keep practicing. His vast knowledge of repertoire will keep you intrigued and will give you a reason to keep learning more. I highly recommend him .

Roberto Capocchi is without a doubt one of the finest guitar instructors from whom I have ever had the pleasure of studying. His resume speaks for itself and is a testament as to how much knowledge, experience and talent he possesses. His work ethic and dedication both to his art and to his students continuously feed his passion to continually grow both as an artist and as a teacher. Roberto’s teaching style is uniquely his own. It is one that he's spent years creating and that is based not only on books and theory but in methodology, science and a lot of intuition. I've known Roberto for over ten years and have studied with him for the better part of a year. As a self starting musician I had developed my own sense and style of playing in isolation. I developed some bad habits and poor technique and was still rather naïve when it came to the complexity of the guitar. When I began lessons with Roberto I was overly self-conscious and very hard on myself for not understanding as much as I thought I should. But after just a few lessons I began applying the techniques taught, completing the exercises easier and recognizing newer material as it was passed along. Whenever I went to a lesson I would always come out feeling charged and elated - no matter how I may have felt going in. It wasn’t the fact that I was learning new notes, scales and guitar pieces but the environment that he created was conducive to focus on you while you are learning. He is always encouraging and positive. His method of teaching has been empowering and impactful not only on my guitar but my life. I came out feeling like I could do anything. Roberto taught me more than notes on a page, scales, methods, nodes and arpeggios, He equipped me not only with the base knowledge that I had missed when I had started but was also there to nurture and facilitate new growth that would continue even after the lessons concluded. He can start with a brand new beginner; nurture an artist in the making, and even critique those who may be far more advanced are still wishing to continue the road to mastery. Wherever you are in your musical journey adding Roberto will be like adding the tour guide that feels more like a traveling companion! 

Studying with Roberto for my four years made me fall in love with the guitar. Roberto’s lighthearted and humorous teaching style alongside his deep reverence and understanding for the guitar and its historical significance made learning from him an incredible experience. His simple yet innovative and essential ideas, such as the five-step memorization method and the reduction of static and dynamic tension, are great for beginners who are just getting started with classical technique as well as for proficient guitarists looking for a new perspective on the instrument. Further, his heritage and experiences as a guitarist have given him keen knowledge of a wide variety of repertoire, which he recommends to his students with careful attention to their level of playing and individual tastes. Above all, his relaxing and cheerful disposition makes working with him an utter joy while his discipline in his own study and practice of the guitar is an inspiration to his students.


In the hour we had per week I feel that I have learned more than in any other class. I felt like a unique student, and I am very grateful for the personalized attention.

When I moved from New Mexico and the musically sensitive always encouraging guitar coaching of Roberto Capocchi, who had been my teacher for a number of years, I didn’t know where to turn. Our musical tie and friendship had become that strong and productive. I looked at a number of options including acting as my own coach. None were right. And then the skype idea came along. It took some experimenting on both our parts to make it work. But work it has. In a strange way, the skype connection is almost as good as sitting in Roberto’s studio. Somehow it demands a greater sense of responsibility–on both sides. Responsibility on my part to be better prepared. Responsibility on Roberto’s to be listening more carefully than ever. It has worked out very well. I would of course highly recommend Roberto as a guitar teacher under any circumstances, but the skype connection is ideal for anyone who can’t have the pleasure of visiting his studio in person.

Roberto helped me build the important elements - guitar technique, musicality, practice skills, repertoire - with precision, care, encouragement and expertise of course, that allowed me to progress steadily and most of all, to enjoy this glorious instrument.

If you are looking for an enthusiastic, inspirational, and motivational classical guitar instructor who is an exceptional teacher and performer, I would highly recommend Roberto Capocchi. The invaluable instruction I have received from Roberto has made me a smoother, more dynamic player who is always striving to do better. Roberto generously shares his vast knowledge of classical guitar theory, technique, and performing experience with his students. Roberto gives his students invaluable feedback and is serious about helping them become better classical guitarists. Roberto can help beginning guitarists start out with proper technique, as well as help improve the technique of guitarists who have been playing for years.

I just want to thank you for a great year of guitar lessons. I have had a few teachers in the past, and I can say without hesitation that you were by far the finest. You did not simply tell me to go practice more but rather showed me exactly what I was doing incorrectly, why I was doing it incorrectly, and what I had to do to fix it. There is no doubt that my current understanding of the guitar is entirely a result of your influence. It was a really great year.

Roberto Capocchi is a top-notch guitarist with extensive knowledge of technique and theory. Working with Roberto has vastly expanded my repertoire and made me a more disciplined musician. I would recommend his lessons to anyone serious about learning classical guitar.

I studied under Robert Capocchi as a music major at the University of Arizona. He is tremendously knowledgable in the history and practice of Classical guitar and has a profound understanding of technique and musical interpretation. He is very nurturing, supportive and fun, yet will push you to be your best. Truly one of the best educators around.

A wonderful teacher! Roberto makes every lesson -- plus my practice sessions -- interesting and worthwhile. He focuses on both technique and repertoire in ways that are completely engaging. I have improved dramatically and enjoy working with him to the hilt.

Roberto is an excellent guitarist and guitar instructor. He is very knowledgable about the guitar and about music itself, so he teaches his students more than just how to play the guitar; he teaches them how to be musicians. As a teacher, he is very observant and has a refined ear and is able to lead the student progressively towards further and further improvement in his or her playing. I have studied with several excellent professional players and teachers over the years and Roberto is one of the best.

Roberto Cappochi is passionate about music and shares his love of the musical language through his beautiful guitar playing, professional and positive guitar instruction, and his generous involvement in the Santa Fe musical community. I had the opportunity to study with Roberto at the University of Arizona, with whom I not only learned lifelong guitar technique and skills, but also life skills. Roberto taught me the importance and beauty of "slowing down" and deeply digesting challenges and technical difficulties in order to progress in a manner that will show positive results. He was and continues to be inspiring and instills the joy of music in me and others worldwide!

You won't find higher quality guitar instruction anywhere else. Simply put, Roberto is awesome!